What to do with your photos after your shoot!

Have you recently had a brand photoshoot with me? Or maybe you’re thinking about it but not sure how you will use the photos after?

I have created a helpful list of all the places you can and should use your new brand images!

1.Update your profile photos

This includes but not limited too;

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Linked-in

  • Email photo

  • Contact card on phone

  • Pinterest

2. Blog posts

Brand photos are perfect for blog posts!

TIP: Make a list of blog post ideas before your shoot and we can try to capture photos that resonate with the topics.

3. Social media posts

This one is a no brainer. Social media is such a powerful tool for all businesses. If you aren’t posting regularly now, you will have the content to after your shoot! Or if you are already posting regularly, your new images will elevate your account and online presence.

4. Reels

You can use your images for both the cover photos of your reels, as well as in your reels. Portrait orientated images work best for this so be sure to choose some of these when making your selects.

B-roll content is also GOLD for reels and stories. Feel free to ask me to snap some behind the scenes footage on your phone during your next shoot to use for this. Or set up your phone on time lapse to capture the photoshoot.

5. Stories

Have a launch, sale, appointment opening, news to share, etc? Using your brand photos in your stories with text over them is a great way to spread the news while staying on brand.

A great tool for creating stories and other marketing material is Canva, if you haven’t checked it out before I highly recommend.

6. Website

Time to update your website images, and not just the ‘about’ page! Give your website the refresh it deserves by updating the banner images, and any other images that are no longer serving your brand.

7. Pinterest

Do you have a business Pinterest page? If not, then now is a perfect time. Use your new images to direct traffic to your website and blog posts.

8. Newsletters!

Newsletters always look better with some eye catching images mixed in. Maybe even share a mini gallery after your most recent photoshoot to share with your audience!

9. Other

  • Business cards

  • Billboard

  • Signage

  • Print material - pamphlets, flyers

Where is your favourite place to use your brand photos?


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