What Do I Do With My Hands? 5 Brand Photoshoot Pose Ideas to Try Today

Feeling a bit nervous about having your photo taken? That’s completely normal! For the majority of us who aren’t professional models, getting photographed can leave us feeling vulnerable and all kinds of awkward. Even after having been through the process several times myself, those very nerves still creep in when it’s time for me to get out from behind the camera and into the frame.

Knowing the struggle firsthand, I’ve made it my mission to make every photography session a safe, high-energy space for clients to feel empowered, confident, and free to be their naturally radiant selves. With an upbeat playlist, some friendly banter, and the use of strategic (profession-specific) props, each experience is designed to have clients feeling at home and in their element, and that’s precisely where the (visual) magic happens.

One of my favourite ways to ease client photoshoot anxiety is by helping them to get organized and prepared for their scheduled shoot. Because every client’s brand (and field of work) is so unique, I create a personalized mood board for each, which is curated with outfit, pose, and prop inspiration, while following an overall theme/storyline that we’re looking to convey based on the vision we discussed in our initial discovery call.

If you haven’t yet booked a brand photoshoot of your own, these 5 easy brand photoshoot pose ideas might give you the confidence and inspiration you need to take the plunge.

1. Work it: Images that Capture You & Your Day-to-Day Activities

One of my favourite ways to ease small business owners into their brand photoshoot session is to immerse them in the day-to-day activities of their business. Whether that’s having them draft up plans, taking calls, jotting down notes, crafting, cutting hair, or simply typing away on a keyboard, the photo-ops are endless. I recently photographed multi-talented entrepreneur, Alison Griffin, and I loved how her brand photos for her interior design business turned out. Visit my recent blog post to view those for yourself, and scope out more action shot samples below:

2. Hand in Pocket

There are a few reasons why I love this pose idea (on top of the fact that it makes me think of that iconic Alanis Morissette song). Firstly, “what do I do with my hands?” is a question I get asked all the time, and this pose eliminates that confusion off the bat. It’s also a great way to eliminate distraction from the shot, so that other elements in the photo can be brought into focus. Putting one hand in your pocket relaxes your posture and gives off approachability and that quiet confidence to make the shot feel casually professional. Here’s what I mean:

3. Seated With Arms Over Knees

Another great pose for preventing the arms from hanging awkwardly is by draping them over the knees. It’s one of my favourite ways to create a physical sense of comfort and relaxation for clients which is visible in the final photos. I also find this an excellent way of giving your audience a glimpse of your casual side, which can work wonders when it comes to your relatability and engagement.

Hot tip: For this pose, I would recommend accessorizing with rings or bracelets (it’s a great way to showcase these products if you sell them), and making sure your nails are looking fresh and photo ready, since they’ll likely be a prominent part of the shot (depending on the angle we’re shooting at).

4. Seated at a Windowsill 

I love challenging myself to make use of every corner of a space, and this one never disappoints. This pose gives photos a crisp, elegant look and feel. The natural light from the window provides a dreamy airiness, and the simplicity of the pose itself makes for a blank canvas that you can pair with the copy/subject matter of your choice.

5. Gazing Off to the Side 

Side eye, but make it friendly! This pose infuses an element of intrigue and mystery to the shot. It’ll make your audience members speculate the story behind the image, and provide you with ample opportunity to fill them in with the narrative of your choice. While there’s also a time and place for looking directly at the camera, this style of pose can soften things up so that there’s less intensity in every image—it’s a great idea for supplemental lifestyle content to enhance your social feed, or to use on your website’s subpages, like your contact or about page.

Lights, camera, action! If you’re ready to do this thing already, let’s get you booked in for your first brand photoshoot session! To get your feet wet, I recommend starting off with a 35-minute Mini Session. These express bookings include the use of a luxury commercial or residential space (learn more about upcoming locations and shoot dates here), 2 outfit changes, and 18 of your favourite edited images delivered straight to your inbox. Who knows, you might just get hooked and decide to invest in a brand photo subscription!


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