My top 5 favourite songs to pump me up before a photoshoot!

Before every shoot, and heck even meetings, I love to pump myself up with music to get myself feeling energized and get the positive vibes flowing. I think it is so important to show up for my clients with great energy, positivity and confidence in order for them to have the best shoot possible!

So here is my top 5 favourite songs to crank in the car on the way to taking your photos! They leave me feeling so good, happy and goofy.

  1. Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys

    Because heck yes this girl is on fire, and if i’m not feeling like it yet I sure will after belting out this song. Fun fact, my 3 year old looooves this song and requests it on the regular, he even knows all the words!

  2. Soul - Lee Brice

    I love country music and just love this song and singing along pretending i’m a famous country singer. My favourite line is “kiss you from your head to your toeses”!

  3. All about that base - Meghan Trainer

    This song is just so body positive and leaves me feeling pumped up! Basically any Meghan Trainer song has an amazing beat and will get you grooving.

  4. Oh happy day - Sister Act 2

    Okay you may be thinking, “oh happy day….. what?” Well me and this song go wayyyyy back. I used to use this song as a pump up jam back in grade 8… no joke! I just absolutely love singing this song at the top of my lungs even though the high notes sound terrible… but if you turn up the music loud enough you can’t hear me! Do you remember watching this movie!?

  5. Flowers - Miley Cyrus

    Last but not least you can not go wrong with Miley’s new song Flowers. It is just so damn good and makes me feel like I can do anything, because I can!

Next time you see me at your brand shoot you will know I am oozing energy from a quick car jam. See you soon!


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