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Bi-directional Sync

Smart UI Actions

Custom Workflows

Deal Stage Workflows

Email Sync

Bi-directional Sync

  • Sync contact data across both the platforms with the flip of a switch.
  • Detect new contacts in Pipedrive.
  • Auto-import your Pipedrive contacts every few hours or import in-bulk.
  • Automatically update the status of every lead in Pipedrive based on actions in Klenty.

Smart UI Actions

  • Manage your sales outreach without leaving Pipedrive.
  • Manage email campaigns in Klenty directly from Pipedrive.
  • Keep track of cadence activities through a Klenty side-panel within Pipedrive.
  • Create tasks in Klenty, execute later in Pipedrive. Have your tasks planned for you in advance.

Custom Workflows

  • Stay efficient while you sleep with workflows tailored to your sales outreach.
  • Create a deal when a prospect engages with an email.
  • Move a deal stage when a prospect clicks a link or replies to an email.
  • For any prospect activity in Klenty, set up multiple outcomes in Pipedrive.
  • Create a new contact in Pipedrive when you get replies in Klenty.

Deal Stage Workflows

  • Run a sales cadence on autopilot for every deal stage.
  • Customize a cadence for each deal stage of your pipeline.
  • Kickstart a new sequence of emails, calls, and tasks as soon as a lead moves to the next deal stage.

Email Sync

  • Use a CRM you can trust.
  • Automatically retain copies of emails and replies in Pipedrive deals.
  • Automatically sync email opens, clicks, replies and tasks created back to Pipedrive.
  • Mark a task completed in Klenty and it automatically marks it completed in Pipedrive or vice versa.

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Klenty, because it integrates with Pipedrive,
that’s one of the winners. We can have that
flow of information back and forth.

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Craig Henderson

US Head of Sales at Azeus convene


Sales Engagement

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