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Klenty + Hippo Video

The next best thing to selling face-to-face

Surprise prospects with a recorded video in your sales email. Let prospects know there’s a human at the other end, not a bot. Get a 202% boost in click-through rates.


Make prospects read watch your emails


Flip your game face: ON

Think video emails = Studios. Expensive. Time-consuming. Too much work? Think again.

Record videos wherever you are with 1 click. Phone, desktop- create impactful videos from whatever device you use everyday.

Replace sprawling, boring text with impactful video-zero video skills needed.


Netflix for your sales outreach

Never lose a video or waste time shooting the same video twice.

Store and access all your team’s videos right from Klenty. Avoid needless repeat work- reuse videos n 1 click.

Add videos for every email- be it features, benefits, case studies, contracts or quotes.Stay memorable from prospecting intro to closed won.


Our text emails feel jealous.
They want their magic back.

You personalize your text emails, so why leave videos behind?

Use placeholders to personalize different elements in video emails. Customize thumbnails to boost the click-worthiness of every email. Add unique links and CTAs to videos.

Make every email feel custom-made. Get prospects to click, complete videos, reply and book meetings right from the video.


Fast updates.
Faster follow-up.

Not knowing who engaged with your video leaves you treating every prospect the same way.

Know who viewed your video, and what percentage was completed with Video Tracker.

Instantly follow-up with prospects who finished your video email. Get more responses with less work.

Video personalization - as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4


Click on video icon


Connect and record


Customize with


Insert video and

5000+ winning sales teams hyper-personalize their outreach with Klenty

Experience Video Personalization. Explode your sales velocity.