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Close More Deals
With Conversation Intelligence

Call IQ captures, transcribes and analyzes every customer conversation. Summarize what happened on call, get context from previous conversations faster and identify the key drivers that progress deals.

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Call IQ captures, transcribes and analyzes every customer

Make Every Customer Meeting
Your Best. Yet.


Be Fully Present For
Today’s Calls

Call IQ joins your call, takes notes for you and automatically saves them to your CRM.
Focus on conversations without the note-taking distractions.


Be Fully Present For
Tomorrow’s Calls

Know customer sentiment from previous calls, get
a gist of questions asked, objections raised and
next steps set - at a glance.


Make Every Call a Source
of Insight

Review your talk times and customer sentiment on calls. Break calls down into minute-by-minute summaries. Or chop them up by topic - pain points, product value communication or pricing. Refine every component of your talk track.

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Align Your GTM Motion Around
the Customer Voice

Call IQ lets you comment on transcripts and tag stakeholders. Create a culture of learning through sharing call plays with fellow reps. Bring product and service teams up to speed on customer needs and market trends.

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Save Time On Admin Work

Call IQ pulls calls from your favorite meeting tools. Organizes them into a searchable, filter-able call library. And pushes transcripts into Slack, CRM and customer emails in 1 click.

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