Choosing the right location for your photoshoot!

I work with a lot of different brands from vastly different industries, and one of the first things we discuss while planning a shoot is where the heck are we going to take the photos!?

Many brands do not have a brick and mortar business or even if they do they may not want to use it for their shoot.

A few things to consider when deciding where to shoot are:

  • What is the vibe you're going for? Lifestyle, urban, nature?

  • Is there a product or service you are wanting to showcase?

  • What’s the weather? Is it winter and we need an indoor space, or can we shoot outside.

For some inspiration here are a few of my favourite spaces I have captured brands in.

  1. Seascape Restaurant and Cafe

  2. Outside industrial buidlings

  3. Inside salons

  4. Marina docks

  5. The beach!

  6. Cozy and bright Airbnb’s

  7. Cinder Bloc Studio in Victoria

  8. Wildflower Cafe in Port Alberni

  9. Buzz Cafe in Nanaimo

  10. Downtown cores - so many options!

  11. Your car!

    * Next time you are out driving around, keep your eye out for a cool wall, pretty bench, fun door, or interesting side walk, these could make perfect spots for your next shoot!


Branding shoot with Alison Griffin in Port Alberni


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