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Save 15+ Hours Every Week With Sales Engagement Automation

Stop wasting time on non-selling activities. Let Klenty manage your lists, execute your follow-ups, and keep your CRM clean. While you focus on actions that move prospects closer to booking a meeting.

view of the auto import files using sales engagement automation view of the auto import files using sales engagement automation
view of the auto import files using sales engagement automation

#6 Ways
Sales Engagement Automation Helps Sales
Teams Get More Productive


Route New Prospects into
Without Wasting Time

Whether you store new prospect data in spreadsheets, your CRM or CSV files, automatically trigger personalized activities that make the most sense for each prospect - based on source, geo, title, industry, and other intel. 


Choose How You Follow-up
With Prospects

Time-based Follow-ups

Automatically trigger multi-channel, multi-touch follow-ups after a prescribed time delay.

Event-Based Follow-ups

Auto-schedule follow-ups as soon as prospects meet certain conditions - like if a prospect shows intent, calls connect, or if a prospect enters a particular sales stage.


Speed up Activity Execution
across Channels

Avoid time-consuming work like manually dialing prospects or copy-pasting LinkedIn messages. Place calls, LinkedIn Messages, WhatsApp texts, and SMS follow-ups in 1 click.


Avoid Database Chaos and
Target Prospects Accurately

Add any tag to prospects based on geography, persona, job titles, data source, or purchase intent. Create lists based on these tags, interrogate list performance, and execute more personalized outreach.


Keep Your Lists Clean and
Your Outreach, Meaningful

Automatically validate emails, remove unsubscribes and bounces, and filter out prospects who respond from your sequences. 


Seamlessly Move Data
Back-and-Forth Between
Klenty and CRM

Automatically transfer prospect data fields, engagement outcomes, call notes, email conversations, and transcripts to CRM. And vice-versa. Using advanced triggers, control what data you see in your CRM. 

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Over the last 9 months, we went
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Dylan Spader

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It’s Like Giving Your Reps Two Extra
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Save hours of admin work, standardize your sales process and book more
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