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Change The Game
With Account-based Selling

Engage with multiple stakeholders within a company or account simultaneously with tailored messaging for individual roles.

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Account Creation

Map Prospects to Accounts

  • Klenty auto-detects your prospects’ companies and creates separate accounts with zero human intervention.
  • Visualize the different stakeholders involved in each company in a single view.

Account Management

Zoom into Each Account

  • Customize accounts based on owners, labels, and
    tags — this could include your prospects’ engagement levels or your messaging strategy.
  • Review how each stakeholder interacts with your content. Find that person who will champion you to the end.

Account Actions

Execute Activities Directly
Within the Account

  • Quickly add prospects to sequences, lists, or tags right from the account view.
  • Take notes under each account to keep your team
    up-to-date with the status.

Account Review

View Account History in a Single Place

  • Have a complete overview of the account, including communication with each stakeholder and frequency of engagement.
  • Track all prior communication across channels in one consolidated view.

Account-CRM Sync

Sync Account Activity
to CRM

  • Any custom field created at an account level will be automatically synced to your CRM.
  • Sync all account engagement and communication back to your CRM automatically. You don’t have to manually update the CRM later.

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